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Meridian, Idaho – History of Prosperity

Today Meridian, Idaho residents enjoy a quiet lifestyle with a great mix of culture and country with natural wonders abound. The history of Meridian shows a hard working culture which paved the way for this “Best Place To Live”.

Founded in 1891, Meridian; known then as Hunter, was mainly a settlement along Five Mile Creek because of the availability of running water. Soon after a chapter of International Order of Odd Fellows was founded and the name changed to Meridian due to the town’s proximity to the Boise Meridian, one of the principal meridians of the Public Land Survey System.

Meridian’s history is steeped in the dairy industry. The town’s first creamery opened in 1897 and a multitude of dairy based businesses opened soon after staking a claim to Idaho’s dairy industry. The celebration of the dairy industry is honored to this day through the Meridian Dairy Days Festival during the month of June.

Today Meridian is a bustling city that has been lucky enough to keep its small town charm. This city has seen the largest and fastest growth in the state of Idaho in the new millennium. The city of Meridian has been a favorite destination of re-locators due to its fast growth and business friendly policies making the motto “Built for Business, Designed for Living” true to the heart of the city.  Learn More…



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