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Meridian, Idaho Parks and Recreation

Meridian, Idaho parks and recreation has a wide variety of activities to keep you busy all year long. Meridian offers an assortment of winter sports including skiing and sledding. The outdoors enthusiast will enjoy all the open-air happenings found here. Parks are spread throughout and have features such as playgrounds for the kids, walking paths and drinking fountains. Sports teams are also popular some of the teams that can be joined consist of softball, basketball and volleyball. Winter can bring snow and if being outside in the cold enjoyable exercise activities can be found inside. Inside exercises consist of a gym, indoor basketball and volleyball leagues. The city also offers classes ranging from preschoolers to seniors. The classes are available in a huge assortment of options such as dance, cheer-leading, yoga and music. Children’s camps are similarly available for young children and teens who need something to do. The culture hub of Meridian gives those that want the arts an outlet featuring music, theater, art and a public library for reading enjoyment. Meridian also caters to the dog lover with a local dog park. The dog park is an off-leash park with benches and drinking fountains for owners and their dogs. Meridian, Idaho has a complete collection of fun and recreation.

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