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Many cities in the United States are fantastic places to reside in, but one city you may not know about that is worth taking a look at, and may be for you, is the mid-size city of Meridian. It is located in the southwest corner of Idaho, a short distance from the more familiar city of Boise, is the third largest and fastest growing city in Idaho and is one of the top fifty U.S. cities, some voting it the No. 1 city.

Some of the many reasons are as follows:
1. Median home values higher than the U.S. average.
2. High income and percentage of jobs created and growing every year; therefore
best place to find employment.
3. Cost of living lower than most cities.
4. High graduation rates.
5. Violent crimes well below the national average.
6. Is a caring city.
7. Ranks high in volunteerism.
8. Best city to raise a family.

As if all of the above reasons aren’t enough, the beautiful scenery, breathtaking view of the mountain range and Snake River nearby makes it a great place to enjoy any outdoor activity. Meridian’s beautiful weather has a mild climate with hot temperatures, but low humidity in the summer, some cold temperatures in the winter with not much snow and boasts of having an average of 234 days of sunshine every year!

If you are looking for a great place to live, make this one of your visits and you may not look anywhere else again!

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